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August 07, 2016 visits SOS Sri Lanka from ComeShopWithLove on Vimeo.

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At we give back $1 for every order we get, and we give you the option to contribute and match our donation so that together we can make a difference in someone's life. So to all of you who have contributed, THANK YOU!
Our mission since launch a few months ago, has been to raise enough money to sponsor a child at SOS Children's Village, Sri Lanka. We visited SOS to understand how our contributions are put to work and what we saw made us incredibly happy! We wanted to share our happiness and gratitude with all of you, without whom we wouldn't have been able to help the child (Let's call her Deena) we are sponsoring.

SOS children's village Anuradhapura is a beautifully maintained home with multiple small homes making it one big village. Each home has a mother figure assigned who is carefully chosen for a lifelong commitment to raise these kids in need, six to seven kids grow up together and consider each other siblings. They go to school, are provided tuition help if needed, they play together, they help each other and their mother and most importantly they are all full of SMILES!

Together (Yes, with YOU!) we are sponsoring a 12 year old girl, who on the day we visited was taking part in a Math and Chess competition. Deena is little shy, smart, bright and wonderful. It was a special moment for us to visit her home and meet her. We were thinking of all of you and had all of you generous souls in our heart when we met her and wished her the very best. So we thought we will give you a peek in to what it's like inside SOS village.

Here's to us all raising a woman to a brighter future, together!



 Pictures and video are of grounds and homes only, we will not be sharing Deena's and her siblings pictures for privacy reasons. Please feel free to write to us and let us know if you have any questions!

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