Hustling for Fashion and Philanthropy

April 24, 2016 1 Comment

Hustling for Fashion and Philanthropy

We launched on March 7th, 2016! We are still in our early stages and thought our #loves would like to know why we started our venture.

I've had a dream since childhood. It’s to be an entrepreneur and own my own lifestyle store. As I grew up, went to college, and landed a corporate job I loved, I realized I didn't want to get to my thirties and wonder "what if..". My husband, Roshane, is not only my soulmate but also my partner in every aspect of my life. Together we worked on our vision and that's how started. 

We have a passion for fashion and a desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Which is why we decided that $1 from every sale will go to help someone. We realized that you should not only be able to find curated unique clothes here, but should be able to help change someone's world while shopping!

We started to create a platform where fashion meets giving. Our goal is to create a stylish community that realizes how far $1 can go around the world. Trust me when I say that an extra $1 when shopping for a dress that's $45 (that will turn heads) can in fact help someone. You don't have to spend copious amounts of money at a gala to change the world, instead let's do it together, $1 at a time. 

You can check our Love section to find out the latest charity we are supporting. As we reach our goals we also hope to share with you how your $1 is helping someone.

We hope you find items you love on our site. We are starting small, with an exclusive selection of items you can't find when you walk into a mall. We curate them ourselves, warehouse them ourselves and pick and pack your orders ourselves.

As we grow we hope to get to know you more so write to us, chat with us through our site and let's make a difference together, all while looking our best!

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Danielle Cotter
Danielle Cotter

June 17, 2016

I just received my lace Romper. It is absolutely beautiful. I love it! It fits so great Very well made. I am so impressed on how prompt it was received to the packaging. I wish they carried more items.

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